28 February 2008

HuG 10 seconds...Permanent 5 year

A husband hugging his wife to at least 10 second every morning will his longevity five year. Motivation expert, Dato’ Dr. Mohd Fadhilah Kamsah says, based on research fact by an expert in the German about the relationship among touch and level of health. “That person can longevity if hugging his wife every day because embrace and touch can be human body produce various hormone including endorphin, it is very good for health body.” However, as a Muslim, we must not forget death with God.

'' he said when give lectures entitled `Marriage And Sex: Antidote And Treatment To Many Disease' in Islamic Persidangan Ketiga Perubatan Daripada Perspektif Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya's proposal in Hotel Sheraton Subang. Hormone endorphin is a natural some sort of chemical act as ill stopper and reduce discomforts.

Obviously, other it have the effect positive from scientific side and touch health, embrace and lark between husband and wife also is sunah Rasulullah s.a.w. Increase him, have research in United States (US) also found husband embrace can reduce cholesterol level and enhance wife health. ``Therefore husband want his wife reduce heavy body are encouraged hugging his wife more often,'' he said greeted with cackle by the participant the conference.

He expressed, deep sexual relationship full love sense can also help pair to ageless and berketerampilan attractive. “Woman whose have sex life good and happy will be more inclined to decorate person,” said Dato’ Dr. Mohd Fadilah Kamsah.

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