20 February 2008

What your opinons?

As all us know, english has become our second language in which the first one is of course, our ‘bahasa ibunda’.. basically, english is used widely in our nation, especially in most of the higher institutions.. The government had decided that in schools, science and math must be taught in english.. however, some problems how learning both subjects in english has actually affected students achievement as most of them are not competent enough this language.. and now parents demand that the medium of instruction for both subjects to be changed back to Malay..

Well, what are your opinions about this issue? does english a medium of instruction really work? or it is just kinds burden to the students and teachers? not only in schools but your opinions can be general… for those who had experience learning in higher institutions using english the medium of instruction.. how does it help you in gaining confidence and improve your fluency and competency in language?

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