06 March 2010

Chic in Checkers Contest

Lama xjoin contest...so tonite, cinta jenjalan n klik blog Munchy-dunkin, die ada wat contest la...
cinta nk cuba nasib kt sini,, jum kite close up contest nie:

sah2 kene ada term n conditions:
1. Be Munchy-dunkin's follower.
2. Add Munchy-dunkin in your blog list.

3. Publish an entry about this contest on your blog.

4. Add the contest banner (above) in your entry and back link to this blog.

5. Tag your friends.

6. Upload a photo of you wearing checkers.

7. Place your entry URL in my comment box.

Hrp2 terpilih n menang la yer....


lionteen said...

lionteen ade..

gud luck ye kak..

Princessgathis a.k.a CinTa said...

to lionteen:
join r..akak saje je join... dh tau xmenang..kihkihki

::U Follow Me, I Follow u Back::


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