19 March 2010

Shawl murah...cepat2

 Sticky Mode n3...
Sila scroll ke bwh ntok n3 yang terbaru

free delivery
Cepat..Tggl 3helai jer lg...

Shawl Murah...
RM 10 each

FT - 01 (Bubble Green)
Sold Out

FT - 02 (purple grass)
Sold Out

FT - 03 (blue resonance)
Sold Out

FT - 04 (Hitam + Petak Merah)
Sold Out

1. email : umiey_slamber87@yahoo.com
    skype: princess23207
    sms : 017-3946498 / 0193991398

2: Please include these information:
   * Full name:
   * Alamat:
   * No Tel:
   * Item(s) kod & quantity:

3. Once confirmed, please bank-in your payment into my CIMB Bank account (14410077833529 - Nur Umira Binti Mat Hanapi) and email your payment refernce number to me.

4. I will be sent to you via:
   * Pos ekspress : RM 3.50 / RM 7

5. Maximum allowance for reservation is 2 days. All payment to be made within 48 hours.

6. Strictly for SERIOUS BUYERS. No refund will be made if the order to be cancelled.

7. We will not be held responsible for any damages or
lost packages incurred during postage.


myranaqi said...

weh2..neger dh le ni hoh...kaya ar org kekgi...huhuh

Princessgathis a.k.a CinTa said...

to myra:
test market...
nk ker? order r...hehe

myranaqi said...

bg free ar..
leh x?
ni je ke?
skit je ni mie..

Princessgathis a.k.a CinTa said...

to myra:
aku dok dang nk upload, wat balik rmh jer...ada org borong dh, nie jer yg tggl..hbs yg nie aku ambik yg bru plk

lionteen said...

beli2,jgn xbeli..

myranaqi said...

nnti nk g kendri k.nita bwk ar..leh beli huhuhu..
leh hutang x?

Princessgathis a.k.a CinTa said...

owoh..nk hutang gok ker? bo sepuloh riya gaknye

myranaqi said...

ho lah..hutang ar..
gaji xmsk 3 bln weh...
huhuh...sdih ar..

Princessgathis a.k.a CinTa said...

xper, gaji masuk kekgi, masyuk r mg...

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